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6th Edition ML CTO 2021

The 6th Edition of the international Multi-level CTO Course took place at Palais de la Méditerranée on July 1st and 2nd 2021. Strong of our digital experience last year, the Course Directors have decided to organize an exclusive and hybrid event this year: face-to-face exchanges in Nice and digital interaction for online participants ; gathered 250 attendees on-site and 1 170 participants from 84 countries online. This course is a unique opportunity for occasional and regular operators to strengthen their skills and continue their progress in learning new strategies tailored to their level.

From retrograde strategy to complex ADR procedure, incathlab offers you the opportunity to discover or re-discover in replay all live cases performed during the 2021 course, by expert operators from Netherlands, Japan, France and USA! Check all video cases below

If you wish to know more about the 2022 Edition, learn more on their website.



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Alexandre Avran, Nancy, France
Nicolas Boudou, Bordeaux, France
Emmanouil Brilakis, Minneapolis, United States
Roberto Garbo, Turin, Italy
Thomas Hovasse, Massy, France
Paul Knaapen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Gabriele L. Gasparini, Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan, Italy
Gregor Leibundgut, Liestal, Switzerland
Kambis Mashayekhi, Bad Krozingen, Germany
Alexander Nap, Amsterdam, Netherlands
William Nicholson, New York, United States
Stéphane Rinfret, Atlanta, United States
Daniel Weilenmann, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Masahisa Yamane, Sayama City, Japan

ML CTO 2021 - Dr. Gasparini & Dr. Hovasse

Long ostial RCA CTO with very tortuous epicardial collateral

ML CTO 2021 - Dr. Brilakis & Dr Nicholson

RCA CTO with large epicardial CC and good landing zone

ML CTO 2021 - Dr. Garbo & Dr. Avran

Chronic occlusion of a very big circonflex with blunt proximal cap

ML CTO 2021 - Dr. Leibungdgut & Dr. Weilenmann

Second attempt ostial RCA CTO after failure of retrograde approach

ML CTO 2021 - Dr. Nicholson & Dr. Rinfret

PDA and LAD CTOs - Opening the PDA to improve LAD CTO PCI success

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