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Swiss CTO Summit 2019

Interest in total occlusion procedures are increasing all over the world and numerous expert meetings and courses feature percutaneous interventions for chronic total occlusions. The Swiss CTO Summit is not just another CTO course. This 2-day course is held in a very interactive and familiar ambiance. The spectrum covers all topics from reviewing the basics, learning tips & tricks to mastering complex techniques. Live cases are performed by renowned national and international experienced operators. Practical lectures, structured case presentations, hands-on tools and fellow and technician workshops are the basis of the course.
DAY 1 - Friday, November 8th 2019
08:00 Algorithms for wire and micro selection - P. Siegrist
08:30 Operators: Paul Knaapen & Juan Iglesias
  Operators: Daniel Weilenmann & Margaret McEntagart

Session 2: The solid base for a successful endeavour

11:00 Equipment to success in CTO PCI and CHIP interventions - anticipate the complexity - P. Meier

Session 3: Successful connection: does the technique matter?

14:00 Antegrade or retrograde - how to decide? - M. Opolski The retrograde approach: the steps to success - P. Knaapen
14:30 Operators: Masahisa Yamane & Moschovitis Aris
15:30 Operators: Alexandre Avran & Benjamin Faurie

Session 4: From evidence over algorithms to success

17:15 Conclusions of Day 1 - M. Moccetti

DAY 2 - Saturday, November 9th 2019


Course Directors

A propos Juan f. Iglesias


A propos Gregor Leibundgut

- Incathlab board


A propos Patrick Siegrist


A propos Daniel Weilenmann

- Proctor for CTO and complex interventions

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