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The 2VRT 2020 will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October, together by the Cardiovascular Intervention Unit of Santa Cruz Hospital, CHLO (UNICARV) and the Hemodynamics Unit of the Fernando da Fonseca Hospital, following the success achieved in more than one decade of edits. 
The permanent progress of knowledge in the cardiovascular field makes it essential to constantly update everyone who collaborates daily in the care of increasingly complex patients.
The evolution in the area of coronary and structural intervention has transformed Cardiology, requiring different strategies that range from therapy with new anticoagulant and anti-aggregating drugs, to the treatment of arterial hypertension and the approach to heart failure of a valve etiology.
Within Cardiology, Hemodynamics Laboratories intervene with their latest technological developments according to a daily clinical strategy designed in partnership with all other specialist professionals who operate at the hospital and outpatient level, and which guarantee continuity of care, even in the long term .
Given the current context, the 2VRT Organization decided to move forward with a 100% digital meeting that will make it possible to interact in an informal and very interactive way, in a challenging manner for everyone present, over five short 90-minute sessions at accessible times.
For the first time, we will have a program of therapeutic interventions taking place simultaneously at the Hemodynamics Unit of Fernando da Fonseca Hospital and at the UNICARV of Santa Cruz Hospital, broadcasted in real time to the entire audience that will be invited to participate actively during the procedures. We will have a case recorded at the Leiria Hospital as a guest center, with prestigious national and international colleagues, as well as online courses for training professionals and awards for the best classifieds.
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