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Discover a NEW CTO Live Cases series


This series will bring together members of the CTO community to chat and share their experiences. Every month Alexandre Avran will invite a close friend to practice together a tremendous CTO and share a friendly interview about their common history.

These episodes will be available every last Wednesday of the month and will highlight the camaraderie and shared knowledge of the CTO community

Discover all the episodes below:

• Ahmed ElGuindy
Flush ostial RCA CTO - No antegrade visualization

Roberto Garbo
Ostial LAD occlusion with left main/Cx megatron stent

Thomas Hovasse
Long RCA occlusion: antegrade or retrograde approach?

• Stéphane Carlier
A lesson of Ivus

Masahisa Yamane
A complex ostial LAD occlusion in a 67 years old man

Pierfrancesco Agostoni
Blunt proximal LAD occlusion

Kambis Mashayekhi
Proximal RCA occlusion with ipsi and controlateral collateral

Stéphane Rinfret
Ostial LCX occlusion through left main LAD struts - beware of complication



Cédric Kowalski
Nothing is simple !

Alessandro Scalia
Where is my guidewire? Only IVUS knows - A story about an ambiguous RCA proximal cap

Francesco Paolo Ariano
Retry of an ostial LAD CTO, previous antegrade failure with Gaia family

Georges El Hachem
Everything you wanted to know about Recross without having to ask



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Nothing is simple

Alex & The Young Generation - Ep.9

Upcoming, Wednesday 26th April

A lesson of IVUS

Alex & Friends - Ep.4

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