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Experience our exclusive course with all its functionalities and enjoy these videos below of complete practical cases with clinical and educational datas. Then you can conveniently extend your training at any time by purchasing the course, we will make it easy for you to continue watching and improving.

Very complex Mid RCA occlusion

Retrograde in 1st intention and Antegrade approach for recanalization


Complex right coronary occlusion. Antegrade failure

Retrograde access. Dissection re-entry technique. Reverse Cart


Your CTO Tutors will suggest you a table of video contents following an educational program from beginner to advanced level, completed by a didactic part with relevant lectures.
For a tailored training, an accurate research is organized by anatomy, difficulty and/or technique.
You also have the opportunity to ask your questions and directly contact your tutors for any enquiries.

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Mohamed Abdellaoui , Grenoble, France
Luc Aguirre , Nantes, France
Max Amor , Essey les Nancy, France
Michaël Angioi , Essey-Lès-Nancy, France
Alexandre Avran , Nice, France
Nicolas Boudou , Toulouse, France
Erwan Bressollette , Nantes, France
Benjamin Faurie , Grenoble, France
Thierry Lefèvre , Massy, France
Gregor Leibundgut , Liestal, Switzerland
Julien Lemoine , Essey-Lès-Nancy, France
Yves Louvard , Massy, France
Peter O'Kane, Md , Bournemouth, United kingdom
James Spratt , Edinburgh, United kingdom
Victor Stratiev , Saint Denis, France
Daniel Weilenmann , St. Gallen, Switzerland

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