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Program Case 1: BTK bifurcation treatment - 15 minutes Operator: Dr. Andrej Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany Case 2: PTA & Stenting. Bifurcation BTK - 13 minutes Operator: Prof. J...

New developments in BTK management. Endovascular management of Complex BTK arterial lesions

Live session from Charing Cross Symposium - London, UK


Program Case 1: SFA occlusion treated with a Supera Stent - 13 minutes Operator : Dr. Andrej Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany Case 2: Total occlusion of SFA and proximal popliteal artery ...

Endovascular Electronic Education (EEE) – Stent Selection for Complex SFA Lesions

Live session from Charing Cross Symposium - London, UK


Moderators Dr. M. Amor, Essey-Lès-Nancy, France Dr. R. Varcoe, Sydney, Australia Program Case 1: Multiple BTK recanalization in a challenging patient Operators: Prof. F. ...

January 2014

Electronic Endovascular Education Program: Below the Knee Interventions

Live session from LINC congress, Leipzig - Germany


Moderators Dr. P. Goverde, Antwerpen, Belgium Dr. John Rundback, New-York, USA Program Case 1: SFA and Popliteal stenting with PTA of BTK Operator: Prof. J. Tacke, Passau, Ge...

January 2014

Electronic Endovascular Education Program: Treatment of the SFA

Live session from LINC congress, Leipzig - Germany


Chairmen Univ. Prof. Dr. Johannes Lammer, Vienna, Austria Dr. Thorsten Fuss, Suhl, Germany. Program Lecture # 1 What matters for optimized outcomes in this challenging anatomy?&...

January 2014

Above the knee challenges – New advances in techniques that improves treatment outcomes

Live session from IROS Congress (Salzburg)


Program (time in Berlin-Paris, GMT+1) 3.00 pm: Introduction – Dr. Langhoff & Dr. Krankenberg 3.10 pm: 1st Live Procedure – Dr. Langhoff & Dr. Krankenberg 3.45 pm: State ...

December 2013

A New Stent Design to overcome complex SFA anatomies

Live From Berlin , Sankt Gertrauden Krakenhaus


Educational objectives Discuss the indication of contact force monitoring on RF ablation procedures. Understand the role of lesion visualization software on mapping and ablation procedures. ...

December 2013

Contact Force and Lesion Visualization on Mapping and Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias – Early Resu...

Live session from Asklepios Klinik St. Georg Electrophysiology Departm...


Program overview The advent of Thoracic Endovascular Repair (TEVAR) has recently extended the treatment of severe complicated aortic dissections to patients who were not candidates for surgical...

November 2013

TEVAR in Type B Aortic Dissection: Perception vs. Evidence-Based Medicine

Live session from Veith Symposium, New-York


Program 1 - Live case  Endovascular transfemoral / transpopliteal performed venous thrombectomy using the 8 F Aspirex catheter system Patient with acute and highly symptomatic prox...

November 2013

Rotational thrombectomy for proximal deep vein thrombosis

Live from Marseilles, France - Recorded case from Vascular Center, Arn...


The transradial approach for coronary angioplasty became very popular at both sides of the Atlantic. By reducing local complications and simplifying patient care, this procedure became rather domin...

November 2013

Innovations in Transradial Approach for complex coronary angioplasty

Live from ICPS, Massy - 5 to 7 pm (Paris time).