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Incathlab Bloopers 2019

The long-awaited funny bloopers from incathlab are here: don't miss the best hilarious situations and discover how incathlab grew in 2019.

Stenting of obstructive right femoro-iliac post-thrombotic lesions

This case reports the use of the VICI stent to treat postthrombotic femoro-iliac obstructive lesions under IVUS guidance.
The patient had severe PTS, and required a previous contralateral lower limb amputation.

Complex Ostial LAD CTO: Saphenous vein Graft as an Option for Retrograde Approach

This didactic procedure  concerns a patient with history  of CAD : CABG ( Saphenous vein to the Diagonal-LAD), presenting severe symptomatic severe stenosis of the distal Graft anastomosis and Ostial LAD CTO, he has underwent  success

TCT 2019: Join us in San Francisco for the preeminent congress on interventional cardiology!

TCT 2019 is elevating education and building leadership in the field with a host of opportunities for learning through both lecture series and the hands-on workshops at over 80 interactive Training Pavilio

Want to Share your Cardiovascular Cases? Discover Sonar!

Sonar is a turnkey solution to record, edit and broadcast videos of medical interventions on Incathlab, in your own network or all around the world

Complex CTO: Ostial LAD CTO with ambiguous Proximal CAP

This complete didactic procedure concerns a 41 yo male, with multiple Cardiovascular risk factors, presenting severe excertional angina secondary to ostial LAD chronic total occlusion.

SOLACI-SBHCI Congress is coming to São Paulo

The Latin American cardiology congress that you can not miss will be held from 1 to 3 August in São Paulo, Brazil.

Step-by-Step ACURATE neo Valve implantation

This didactic procedure concerns 88 y.o in good general condition, presenting Asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis.

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