Our Cases of the Month

The case of the month is a new way for our users to watch, learn, and share with incathlab. They can watch a video that highlights an innovative case and uses excellent pedagogical techniques, lear...


Master the Complex

Interventional Cardiologists today are faced with an ever increasing set of complex patients to manage. Treating patients with more complex lesions and elderly patients where DAPT duration is impor...


Focus on Rotablation

Learn more about Rotational Atherectomy System for plaque modification in complex patients with heavily calcified lesions.


Preclosure suture technique in PEVAR

Standard access for EVAR in many centers is done via bilateral open surgical cutdown of the common femoral artery in the groin. Although a minor surgical procedure, this cutdown is inherently assoc...


Carotid procedures: Improve your skills!

Improve your skills on carotid artery stenting procedures! You will be able to learn more about carotid artery access: femoral, brachial, radial.  Learn about carotid artery protection dur...

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