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Shooting date : 2015-11-25
Last update : 2018-06-26
Language(s) : English
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  • Mangesh T. I congratulate to Dr.Nil Kucher-Bern Univ and Dr.Rick de graaf-MUMC for doing wonderful & rewarding Bilateral iliac & Vena cava stenting in one seating only. If bilatetal Popliteal veins are chronically occluded and inaccessible in this "Seminoma mass compressing IVC -Iliacs- 1. what would be your best approach to enter vena cavacava?? 2.Can we deploy IVC Stent in Trans-jugular way in Antegrade fashion. What are difficulties faced off?? 3. If we donot use kissing balloon & stent technique; what is other best method to stent bi-common iliacs?? 4.Can we extend & deploy stent across Sapheno-femoral junction and just above cinfluence of Profunda femoris & SFVSFV; upto lesser trochanter?? -Dr.Mangesh Tarte, MD,FVIR,MACPh Ahmednagar,India-414001 Email-drmpt.vir@gmail.com web:www.antarangcentre.org

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