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Shooting date : 2019-04-12
Last update : 2019-05-28
Language(s) : English

Patient Demographics

  • 54 year-old
  • male
  • P.G.

Clinical History

  • 2001 unstable angina: CABG x 2 (Lima-LAD; SVG-PDA)
  • Feb 2010 AMI: PCI + DES on SVG
  • May 2010 recurrency of angina: PCI + DES an LAD (distally to LIMA anastomosis)
  • 2014 PCI + DES on proximal LAD-S1
  • 2018 recurrency of angina:
  • angio: SVG accluded + CTO RCA + LCx II CTO

Risk Factors

  • Hypertension
  • T2DM
  • Current smoker
  • Peripheral artery diseas (PTA C. Illiac art. R & L + PTA superf. left femoral art)


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