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3rd Edition Critical Limb Ischemia Course - CLIC 2019

The endovascular treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) and diabetic foot has become an important and promising approach for revascularization of femoral, tibial and foot arteries, improving clinical outcomes and supporting limb salvage. The endovascular therapy for CLI is growing and evolving in terms of therapeutic indications, allowing us to improve our clinical daily practice in diabetic foot treatment and limb salvage.
This therapy is in continuing evolution, and directly related to new technical strategies and devices development. Learning and reviewing the basis, tips & tricks and mastering the techniques and therapeutic indications are essential to manage complex cases of diabetic CLI patients. Actually, most of endovascular specialists are interested in learning and treating this complex condition.
The 3rd Edition of CLIC was held in Padua (Italy) from March 21st to 22nd, 2019, with live cases from Policlinico Abano, and brought together over 300 participants from 30 countries. Following the success of the 2017 first Edition and 2018 second Edition, the main objective in developing this conference is to gather experts from all around the world, to interact and share together, in a very friendly atmosphere. 
Based on a live-cases model, this event is focused on a step-by-step approach for each live procedure, supported by didactic discussions about decision making, technical strategies and therapies. The entire endovascular community dedicated to CLI will find in this conference the opportunity to fill the current gaps in the treatment of patients with Critical Limb Ischemia.
Course Directors: Marco Manzi, MD & Luis Mariano Palena, MD
Chairmen: Marco Manzi, Vincenzo Pestrichella & John Phillips
Live moderator: Max Amor
Operators: Shannon D. Thomas, Elena Herrero & Luis Mariano Palena
Chairmen: Luis Morelli, Osamu Lida & Giovanni Pratesi
Live moderator: Steven Kum
Operators: Shannon D. Thomas, Elena Herrero & Luis Mariano Palena
Chairmen: Carlo Dionisi, José Fernando Teixeira & Sato Tomoyasu
Live moderator: Roberto Ferraresi
Operators: Shannon D. Thomas, Elena Herrero & Luis Mariano Palena
Chairmen: George Adams, Giacomo Clerici & Larry Diaz-Sandoval
Live moderator: Koen Deloose
Operators: Shannon D. Thomas, Elena Herrero & Luis Mariano Palena
FRIDAY, MARCH 22nd 2019
Chairmen: Venita E. Chandra, George Adams & Luis Mariano Palena
Live moderator: Shannon D. Thomas
Operators: Steven Kum, Roberto Ferraresi, Marco Manzi & Bruno Migliara
Surgery versus endo for antegrade/retrograde accesses
Presenters: Mauro Gargiulo & Koen Deloose
Moderators: Luis Mariano Palena & Larry Diaz-Sandoval 
Chairmen: Flavio Airoldi, Mauro Gargiulo & Essme Vargas
Live moderator: Max Amor
Operators: Steven Kum, Roberto Ferraresi, Marco Manzi & Bruno Migliara
Closing devices complications: that’s why I use it versus that’s why I don’t
Presenters: Michele Antonello & Luis Mariano Palena 
Moderators: Shannon D. Thomas & José Fernando Teixeira
Chairmen: Giuseppe Papia, Gianbattista Parlani & Claudio Rabbia
Live moderator: Max Amor
Operators: Steven Kum, Roberto Ferraresi, Marco Manzi & Bruno Migliara
DVA: foot surgery/treatment perspectives
Presenters: Enrico Brocco & Giacomo Clerici
Moderators: Luis Mariano Palena & Giuseppe Papia
Case presentations session.
16:30 Take home messages


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