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3rd Edition of i-MEET Congress (i-MEET 2018)

i-MEET 2018 took place from May 30th to June 1st in Nice, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on the French Riviera. We thank you for your participation and hope you enjoyed the congress. If you couldn't attend, you can now enjoy all the authorized presentations and videos!
This third edition of i-MEET proved to be a real interactivity success with fantastic animators, outstanding speakers, and more than 280 active participants. The scientific program was built with one main goal: INTERACTIVITY!
As usual, we focused on teaching and sharing, bringing you more clinical cases, more videos, more interactive debates and audience discussions to offer a multidisciplinary educational platform.
We would like to warmly thank our outstanding scientific committee for their commitment: Max Amor, Laurent Casbas, Elixène Jean-Baptiste, Nicola Mangialardi, Armando Mansilha, Richard McWilliams, Aljoscha Rastan and Isabelle Van Herzeele, as they did a great job with us in putting together a scientific program really exciting.

Course Directors: Laurent Casbas, Kohen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic, Elixène Jean-Baptiste, Nicola Mangialardi, Armando Mansilha, Richard McWilliams, Barend Mees, Aljoscha Rastan, Isabelle Van Herzeele
Organizing Committee: Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic, Barend Mees
Webinar Director: Max Amor

THURSDAY, MAY 31st 2018
Animator: Yann Goueffic 
Moderators: Theo Bisdas, Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Fabrizio Fanelli,
Konstantinos Katsanos, Aljoscha Rastan, Liang Wei
08:15 Welcoming address, Yann Goueffic
08:30 Paclitaxel particles embolization: I do not matter, Koen Deloose
08:45 Nitinol stenting should be the first choice in SFA treatment, Aljoscha Rastan
09:00 Are long stents still the first choice in long SFA CTO? Fabrizio Fanelli
09:15 In-stent stenosis in the SFA needs prolonged paclitaxel elution, Theo Bisdas
09:30 Paclitaxel-coated balloons: are they all the same? Konstantinos Katsanos
09:45 Leaving something behind, Wei Liang
Animators: Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse
How to keep the foot in the shoe…
11:05 Don’t use the ordinary plain old balloon angioplasty! Martin Werner
11:45 Don’t use worthless stents below the knee! Eric Ducasse
Animator: Eric Ducasse, Barend Mees
What should we do with:
14:30 Type I endoleaks, Colin Bicknell
14:45 Type II endoleaks, Francesco Torella
15:00 Type III endoleaks, Fotis Markatis
15:15 Thrombus in endograft, Barend Mees
15:30 Infected endografts, Xavier Berard
Animator: Richard Mc Williams
Moderators: Sonia Ronchey, Isabelle Van Herzeele
16:30 Imaging - the key to success in challenging pedal cases, Roberto Ferraresi
17:30 Radiation safetyBart Doyen
FRIDAY, JUNE 1st 2018
Animator: Fabrice-Guy Barral
Moderators: Laurent Casbas, Armando Mansilha
8:30 Foam embolization for recurrent varicose veins, Olivier Creton
8:45 Vena cava filtration, a state of the art, Fabrice-Guy Barral
9:30 Mechanical treatment for acute DVT, Laurent Casbas
9:45 Venous angioplasty for AVF under duplex-scan, Fabrice Abbadie
Moderators: Eric Ducasse, Nicola Mangialardi, Barend Mees
What is the best…
11:00 Approach to mural aortic thrombus, Geert Willem Schurink
Animator: Gert Jan De Borst
Moderators: Elixène Jean-Baptiste, Armando Mansilha, Isabelle Van Herzeele
12:30 Decision making in symptomatic carotid artery disease - CEA, CAS, TCAR?, Mauro Gargiulo
12:45 Rescue procedures to treat stroke after CAS and CEA, Elixène Jean-Baptiste


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