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Dear Colleagues, 
Dear Friends,
Interventional therapy of chronic total occlusions has achieved a success rate almost in the range of non-CTO lesions. The previous meetings were a great success, as the feedback from the attending physicians clearly shows that such focused meetings are of great value covering the topic in a fashion that is not possible in major Interventional meetings with broader interests. It is a great opportunity to gather together and to discuss major issues, such as the continuous education, techniques and product development, research in the  eld, and many others.
What are the reasons behind this success?
- The number of studies performed in the  eld of CTOs has increased consid- erably, and we shall provide an up-to-date overview of current knowledge.
- The major randomized study to consolidate the indication for CTO PCI will be available at that time, the EURO-CTO trial, and we have ample time to discuss the impact the future increase of CTO PCI.
- For the third time “Live cases” will be part of the program.
- With Berlin in the center of Europe, we offer you both an attractive place and a geographically ideal site.

*For more information about the Scientific Program and the Faculty Guests, we invite you to navigate through the Euro CTO Club website.

08:00 - 10:15 Session 1: CTO PCI STEP BY STEP I

Chairmen: Nicolaus Reifart, Germany; Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy

08:00 What do you need to indicate CTO PCI?
Anthony Gershlick, United Kingdom
08:10 Angiogram – how to record, analyse and prepare for the intervention
Andrea Gagnor, Italy
08:20 Antegrade – step by step approach
Markus Meyer-Gessner, Germany
08:35 Retrograde – step by step approach
Evald Høj Christiansen, Denmark
Discussants: Mark Rosenberg, Germany; Victoria Martin Yuste, Spain; Artis Kalnins, Latvia; Guy Heyndrickx, Belgium
Osamu Katoh, Japan; Kambis Mashayekhi, Germany
Heinz Joachim Büttner, Germany; Nicolas Boudou, France
10:15 Coffee break and exhibition

10:30 - 12:30 Session 2: The Euro CTO Club

Chairmen: George Sianos, Greece; Markus Meyer-Gessner, Germany

10:30 Welcome by the Organisers
Gerald S. Werner, Germany; Ulf Landmesser, Germany; Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy
10:45 Euro CTO Club - The Euro CTO trial
Gerald S. Werner, Germany
10:55 The Euro CTO Score - Comparison with existing scores
David Hildick-Smith, United Kingdom
11:05 Euro CTO Club - The radiation survey
Nicolaus Reifart, Germany
11:15 Recent CTO publications
Carlo Di Mario, Italy
Discussants: Nicolas Boudou, France; Jürgen Arenz, Germany; Aigars Lismanis, Latvia; Michael Pieper, Switzerland
Etsuo Tsuchikane, Japan; Alexander Bufe, Germany
12:30 Lunch and exhibition

13:30 - 15:20 Session 3: Advances in CTO PCI

Chairmen: Carlo Di Mario, Italy; Dimitri Karmpaliotis, USA

13:30 New wires, what we have, what is essential, what is on the horizon
George Sianos, Greece
13:40 Dedicated CTO kit: microcatheters, balloons, adjunctive devices
Kambis Mashayekhi, Germany
13:50 New developments in antegrade dissection/re-entry approach
Stéphane Rinfret, Canada


14:00 Live in a Box 1
Nicolaus Reifart, Germany
Discussants: Thomas Schmitz, Germany; Didier Tchetche, France; Hans Bonnier, Belgium; Jaroslaw Wójcik, Poland

Live Case 4
Gerald S. Werner, Germany; Luca Grancini, Italy
15:10 Future Devices: Update on the Plasma wire
Etsuo Tsuchikane, Japan
15:20 Coffee break and exhibition


15:35 - 17:35 Session 4: Specific Clinical problems and CTOs

Chairmen: Alexander Bufe, Germany; Etsuo Tsuchikane, Japan

Discussants: Joerg Dalibor, Germany; Yves Louvard, France; Hweung Kon Hwang, Korea; Alexander Ghanem, Germany

Live Case 5
George Sianos, Greece; Tim Schäufele, Germany
16:25 CTO-PCI and the need of oral anticoagulation
Alexander Bufe, Germany
16:35 ACS and CTO - how to manage
Bernward Lauer, Germany
16:45 CTO and low ejection fraction
Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy
16:55 Live in a Box 2
Leszek Bryniarski, Poland

Live in a Box 3
Omer Goktekin, Turkey



07:15 - 08:30

Room: Ballroom

Breakfast Meeting
“CTO – a global perspective”
Chairmen: Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy; Etsuo Tsuchikane, Japan
Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy
Khalid Tammam, Saudi Arabia
Etsuo Tsuchikane, Japan
Surya Prakasa Rao Vithala, India
Emmanouil Brilakis, USA
George Sianos, Greece
07:15 - 08:30
Room: Salon Schinkel
Breakfast Meeting
“CTOs for (young) beginners”
Chairmen: David M. Leistner, Germany; Alexander Ghanem, Germany
Antegrade approach – how to start? Views of a minimalist and a maxima- list point of view combattants
David M. Leistner, Germany vs. Alexander Ghanem, Germany
A minimalist view
David M. Leistner, Germany
A maximalist view
Alexander Ghanem, Germany
Which lesion to start with which material?
Thomas Schmitz, Germany
Which setting? – Top 10 lessons learned from my time as CTO beginner
Gerald S. Werner, Germany
When am I prepared enough for my  rst retrograde approach?
Kambis Mashayekhi, Germany

08:30 - 10:55 Session 5: Specific CTO situations

Chairmen: Kenya Nasu, Japan; Gerald S. Werner, Germany


Discussants: Sergey Furkalo, Ukraine; Alexandre Avran, France; Leszek Bryniarski, Poland; Khalid Tammam, Saudi Arabia

Live Case 6
Masahiko Ochiai, Japan; Markis Meyer-Gessner, Germany

Live Case 7
Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy; Harald Lapp, Germany

10:00 CTO and bifurcation
Yves Louvard, France
Rapid fire Tipps and Tricks - 5 min: What do do if...
10:15 ... you cannot cross the proximal cap
Valerie Gelev, Bulgaria
10:23 ... antegrade balloon cannot pass
Imre Ungi, Hungary
10:31 ... microcatheter cannot pass collateral
Jo Dens, Belgium
10:39 ... Reverse CART does not work
Yasushi Asakura, Japan
10:47 ... retrograde microcatheter cannot pass the lesion
Yasushi Asakura, Japan
10:55 Coffee break and exhibition

11:15 - 13:15 Session 6: Approach to CTO and imaging

Chairmen: Heinz Joachim Büttner, Germany; Emmanouil Brilakis, USA

Discussants: Jaroslaw Wójcik, Poland; Thierry Lefevre, France; Andrea Gagnor, Italy; Imre Ungi, Hungary

Live Case 8
Dimitri Karmpaliotis, USA; Alexander Lauten, Germany
Nicolas Boudou, France
Roberto Garbo, Italy
Javier Escaned, Spain
Holger Nef, Germany
Michael Haude, Germany
12:55 Live in a Box 4
Kambis Mashayekhi, Germany
13:15 Lunch and exhibition

14:00 - 17:15 Session 7: Complex situations, Complications and Future

Chairmen: Ulf Landmesser, Germany; Alfredo R. Galassi, Italy

Discussants: Yves Louvard, France; Javier Escaned, Spain; Roberto Garbo, Italy; Harald Lapp, Germany

Live Case 9
Alexandre Avran, France; Bernward Lauer, Germany
Emmanouil Brilakis, USA
CTO in post CABG patients
Heinz Joachim Büttner, Germany
15:15 Coffee break and exhibition
15:30 Live in a Box 5
Thierry Lefevre, France
15:50 What future trials do we need in CTOs?
Ulf Landmesser, Germany
16:00 MSCT and navigation for CTO PCI
Gerald S. Werner, Germany
16:10 LIVE CASES: Summary/Discussion

Summary of live Cases 1-9 and Critical Discussion
Panel with Live Operators
16:40 Closing remarks
Alexander Bufe, Germany; Markus Meyer-Gessner, Germany
17:15 ECC General Assembly with Board Elections


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