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i-MEET 2017 took place on June 1 & 2 in Nice, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on the French Riviera.
Over two days, our wide-ranging and interactive program covered all the hot topics of endovascular techniques and procedures including a brand new session dedicated to Imaging.
Thanks to our animators, speakers and moderators, this congress was a success bringing more interactivity than ever with the audience.
You can now enjoy all the authorized videos of the congress.

Organizing Committee
Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann  Gouëffic
Course Directors
Laurent Casbas, Nicholas Cheshire, Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic, Elixène Jean-Baptiste, Nicola Mangialardi, Armando Mansilha, Richard Mc Williams, Barend Mees, Isabelle Van Herzeele
Webinar Director
Max Amor


Thursday June 1

08.30 BTK treatment: when to do what and how... the answers

Animator: Koen Deloose
Moderators: Yvonne Bausback, Roberto Ferraresi, Yann Gouef c, Wouter Lansink, Francesco Liistro, Martin Werner
08.30 A complex BTK case where I show you the only right access(es), Roberto Ferraresi
08.45 A challenging BTK case with the wire of my dreams, Yvonne Bausback
09.00 In this extra-ordinary BTK case, you have to do atherectomy!, Martin Werner
09.15 A perfect example BTK case to show you how ef cient DCB are working, Francesco Liistro
In my BTK case...
09.30 - Stents are the winners, Wouter Lansink
09.45 - Forget about angiosome theories, Yann Gouëffic

10.40 Pushing at the maximum the boundaries in endovascular AAA repair

Animator: Eric Ducasse, Eric Steinmetz
Moderators: Frederico Bastos Goncalves, Jorg de Bruijn, Mauro Gargiulo, Nilo Mosquera, Francesco Torella
10.40 EVAR outside IFU, Frederico Bastos Goncalves
11.25 Treatment of failed EVAR, Francesco Torella
11.40 FEVAR techniques, Mauro Gargiulo
11.55 How to improve your results in FEVAR, Nilo Mosquera, Barend Mees

12.15 Vessel closure : My daily practice with it

Animator: Eric Ducasse
Speaker: Francesco Torella

14.00 How to manage stroke today

Animator: Laurent Chiche
Moderators: Armando Mansilha, Isabelle Van Herzeele
14.00 Timing of carotid interventions, Julian Scott
14.15 Impact of imaging to select the appropriate carotid treatment, Andrea Stella
14.30 Correct stent selection in symptomatic carotid artery disease, Koen Deloose
14.45 TCAR with C-guard, the perfect protection of the brain - are there any limitations?, Piotr Musialek
15.15 Two video cases, Max Amor

16.05 Venous diseases and therapies: a new frontier

Animator: Armando Mansilha
Moderators: Laurent Casbas, Elixène Jean-Baptiste
16.05 Superficial insufficiency
- Indications, tips and tricks with clinical cases, Philippe Nicolini
- Warning and complications prevention: examples, Thomas Proebstle
16.50 Pelvic venous insufficiency
- Indications, tips and tricks, Laurent Casbas
- My best practice / Warning and complications prevention, Olivier Hartung
17.35 Deep vein thrombosis
- Indications, best practice, tips and tricks, Marzia Lugli
- My best and my worst example: lessons to keep in mind, Steven Black
- My best and my worst example: lessons to keep in mind, Jean-Marc Pernes

Friday June 2

08.30 Optimal vascular imaging for every (endo)vascular program

Animator: Richard Mc Williams
Moderator: Isabelle Van Herzeele
08.30 Case 1. Imaging needed in peripheral interventions, Lieven Maene
08.45 Case 2. Fusion Imaging to safely treat aortic dissection, Adrien Hertault
09.00 Case 3. Surveillance after EVAR/EVAS, Iain Roy
09.30 Case 5. Radiation protection in (F)EVAR, Adrien Hertault

10.30 Endovascular TAA(A) repair anno 2017

Animator: Nicola Mangialardi, Barend Mees
Moderators: Nuno Dias, Christan Etz, Mario Lachat, Matteo Orrico, Geert Willem Schurink, Piotr Szopinsky
10.30 Techniques for endovascular aortic arch repair, Mario Lachat, Matteo Orrico
10.50 Predicting adverse events after type B aortic dissection, Geert Willem Schurink
11.10 Off the shelf devices for TAA repair, Piotr Szopinsky

13.30 Femoropopliteal disease: the right device for femoropopliteal lesions

Animator: Yann Gouëffic
Moderators: Laurent Chiche, Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Wouter Lansink, Francesco Liistro, Lieven Maene
13.30 Clinical case 1: DEB is my favorite option, Francesco Liistro
13.45 Clinical case 2: DES: just do it, Wouter Lansink
14.00 Clinical case 3: Bioresorbable stent for the future, Lieven Maene
14.15 Clinical case 4: Covered stent is my favorite repair for ISR, Koen Deloose  
14.30 Clinical case 5: Debulking device is the best treatment for ISR, Eric Ducasse
14.45 Clinical case 6: Bypass is still a good option, Laurent Chiche

15.15 The endovascular treatment of CFA

Animator: Lieven Maene
Moderators: Yvonne Bausback, Koen Deloose, Yann Gouëf c, Giovanni Pratesi, Aljoscha Rastan, Nikos Werner
15.15 Clinical case 1: Debulking is required, Aljoscha Rastan
15.30 Clinical case 2: I do not fear to realize CFA stenting, Koen Deloose
15.45 Clinical case 3: CFA bifurcation endovascular treatment is not a problem, Yvonne Bausback
16.00 Clinical case 4: Troubleshooting, Yann Gouëffic
16.15 Clinical case 5: Why do I prefer treating CFA with 4F solutions?, Bertrand Saint Lebes
16.30 Clinical case 6: Open surgery is still the gold standart, Giovanni Pratesi 

17.00 Associate Faculty Program (oral presentations)

Animators: Adrien Hertault, Célia Riga
Moderator: Nicholas Cheshire

18.35 Awards and adjournment


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