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i-MEET 2016 took place on June 2 & 3 in Nice, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on the French Riviera.
Over the 2 day meeting, our wide-ranging, interactive program included the whole range of endovascular techniques and procedures with particular focus on Femoropopliteal, Ambulatory management and BTK disease, thoracic aortic dissection, EVAR challenges and carotid stenosis. Two sessions were also dedicated to venous diseases and thrombectomy. Thanks to the animators, the speakers and moderators were interacting with the audience, providing more discussions and exchanges than ever.
i-MEET 2016 « next generation » is a new congress format based on interactivity dedicated to the current endovascular hot topics. It focuses on teaching and sharing and is a pioneer in the Live education.
MEET Directors
Nicholas Cheshire, Koen Deloose, Eric Ducasse, Yann Gouëffic, Mario Lachat, Julien Lemoine, Nicola Mangialardi, Richard McWilliams, Peter Schneider, Isabelle Van Herzeele
MEET Venous Directors
Paul Pittaluga, Sylvain Chastanet
Webinar Director
Max Amor


Thursday June 2nd

08.00 Welcoming address, K. Deloose, E. Ducasse, Y. Gouëffic

08.00 Practical approach to BTK-disease, based on state of the art data

Animator: E. Ducasse
Moderators: V. Alexandrescu, R. Ferraresi, P. Schneider

08.00 Lecture. Inflation with or without drugs BTK? R. Ferraresi
08.05 Cases, A. Schmidt
08.05 Cases, J. Fernandez Noya
08.25 Lecture. Scaffolding with or without drugs BTK? M. Werner
08.30 Cases, L. Maene, M. Werner
09.00 Lecture. Final judgement about angiosome theory: myth or fact? V. Alexandrescu
09.05 Cases, P. Goverde, R. Ferraresi
09.25 Lecture. Distal bypass surgery, dead in the water? P. Schneider
09.30 Cases, J. Fernandez Noya, P. Schneider
09.50 Lecture. « Pour finir en beauté »: woundcare and offloading principles, K. Deloose

10.45 To close or not to close?

Animator: K. Deloose
Is it still a question (for large access)? S. Haulon

11.15 TAA - Part 1

11.15 - There is no U-turn for the endovascular treatments, F. Pecoraro

Hot Topics
11.36 - Scallop-graft for the arch repair, my experience, J-M. Alsac
11.44 - Chimps and regular are still a valuable option for arch repair, S. Ronchey

Tips and Tricks
11.57 - fEVAR and branch graft for aortic dissection repair, S. Haulon
12.05 - Aortic dissection: where is the important focus during rst days/weeks? N. Cheshire
12.13 - Endovascular management (petticoat technique) for the type B dissection, L. Canaud
12.21 - Tevar is the first line treatment S.Ronchey
12.29 - Hybrid repair for aortic dissection, indication and state of the art, F. Pecoraro
12.37 - News from imaging and 3D-printing for aortic dissection comprehension, L. Maene

14.00 TAA - Part 2

Animator: B. Mees
Moderators: L. Canaud, N. Mangialardi, F. Pecoraro

Real world TAA Case Extravaganza
14.00 - How would you treat it? Challenging scenarios that stump the experts, L. Canaud
Points of interest
14.08 - Real incidences of endoleaks after TEVAR, R. McWilliams

14.20 AAA

Animator: K. Deloose
Moderators: E. Jean-Baptiste, B. Mees, N. Mosquera
14.20 - Are we pushing too far the frontiers of EVAR? E. Steinmetz
14.28 - There are no limits using EVAR for AAA! F. Noya

Hot Topics
14.36 - Best practice in fEVAR in 2016, B. Mees
14.44 - EVAS and chEVAS will replace EVAR and chEVAR, F. Torella
14.52 - Chimps and regular devices are still a valuable option, F. Pecoraro
15.00 - Ultra low profile device: behind the boundaries! X. Bérard

Tips and Tricks
15.08 - Management of the hypogastric artery during EVAR, F. Torella
15.16 - Perfect proximal anchorage. Does it solve all the problems? J-P. de Vries
15.24 - Management of challenging iliac accesses and leg thrombosis prevention, A Mansilha
15.32 - The usage of covered balloon expandable stent in Ch-EVAR/S procedures, J-P. de Vries
15.40 - Physician-made versus regular fenestration, is there a difference? E. Ducasse

Real World AAA Case Extravaganza
15.56 - How would you treat it? Challenging scenarios that stump the experts, B. Mees, T. Larzon

Points of Interest
16.12 - How to deal with type 1 endoleaks? N. Cheshire
16.20 - Diagnosis and management of type 3b endoleak, R. McWilliams
16.28 - Sorry to curb the enthusiasm, but how to treat the infected endografts? X. Berard

17.30 Venous & thrombectomy

Moderators: S. Chastanet, P. Pittaluga

17.30 Would you treat it? Challenging scenarios that stump the expert. B.Mees
17.30 What might bring a new wave length for endovenous laser? L. Kabnick
17.40 Should we really treat varicose tributaries? S. Onida
18.00 Hemodynamics of development of the varicose disease: do we really have a new knowledge? S. Onida
18.10 Endovenous treatment of the short saphenous vein: as good as for the great saphenous vein? P. Nicolini
18.20 Endovascular treatment of extended iliac vein occlusion: what are the limits? A. Davies
18.30 What will be the treatment of varicose veins in the future? R. Milleret
18.40 Management strategies for patients with varicose veins (C2-C6): results of a worldwide survey, A. Davies

Friday June 3rd

08.15 Modern approach of carotid artery disease

Animator: P. Schneider
Moderator: M. Amor, I. Van Herzeele

08.15 Key articles from the past year that will influence carotid artery disease treatment going forward, I. Van Herzeele
08.23 - Urgent repair of carotid disease causing stroke means it should be done within 48 hours, A. Mansilha
08.31 - Urgent repair after stroke has a higher perioperative risk and I never do it in the first two weeks, N. Hopkins

Hot Topics
08.50 - If you want to prove that your outcomes are excellent, then perform DW-MRI in all CEA and CAS patients, I. Van Herzeele

Tips and Tricks
09.00 - Troubleshooting during carotid endarterectomy, C. Setacci
09.08 - Ideal toolkit for carotid stenting. How to customize your approach for different types of cases, M. Amor

Real World AAA Case Extravaganza
09.30 - How would you treat it? Challenging scenarios that stump the experts, N. Hopkins, P. Montorsi
09.50 - Future of carotid revascularization (include Mesh covered stents, prox protection, new designs, transcervical), P. Schneider
10.00 - Standard operating protocol in stroke management at my hospital – a multidisciplinary approach is mandatory, A. Halliday
10.08 New micromesh carotid stent, M. Amor

11.00 Venous & thrombectomy

Animator: R. Milleret, P. Nicolini


12.00 How BMS and POBA history?

Moderators: Y. Gouëffic, K. Deloose
The usage of DET in my practice, J. Sobocinski, G. Goyault

13.30 Femoropopliteal disease & Ambulatory

Endovascular repair for long femoropopliteal lesions
Animator: K. Deloose
Moderators: Y. Gouëffic, J. Lemoine

13.30 State of art, P. Schneider
13.40 Missing data, G. Torsello

Real world
14.00 - Long FP lesions with supera, L. Maene
14.10 - Long FP lesions with laser, E. Ducasse
14.20 - Long FP lesions with reentry/pedal access, M. Di Primio


14.50 Ambulatory management for PAD endovascular treatment

Animators: E. Steinmetz
Moderator: L. Maene, G. Torsello

14.50 State of art, P. Schneider
15.00 Missing data, F. Airoldi
15.20 Real life, Y. Gouëffic

15.30 - For 4F devices with 0.018, O. Regnard
15.40 - For 5F devices with 0.035, F. Airoldi
16.10 - Outpatients management is profitable, Y. Gouëffi

16.30 Associate Faculty Program

18.00 Awards ceremony & Adjournment


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