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Improve your skills on carotid artery stenting procedures!

You will be able to learn more about carotid artery access: femoral, brachial, radial.  Learn about carotid artery protection during procedures: different filters used, and reversal of flow (moma technique), and different stents placed in the internal and common carotid. You’ll also learn about the role of a new micro mesh carotid stent. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. 


Hatem Aloui , Tunis, Tunisia
Max Amor , Essey les Nancy, France
Philippe Commeau , Toulon, France
Alberto Cremonesi , Milan, Italy
Benjamin Faurie , Grenoble, France
Yves Louvard , Massy, France
Subbarao Myla , Newport Beach, United states
Jean-Philippe Simon , Essey-lès-Nancy, France

MEET 2015 - Session 6

Carotid Occlusive Disease - Are we ready for the next breakthrough?

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