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Thursday January 22

13.45 Welcome address Jean-Pierre Becquemin
14.00 Aortic dissection: what’s new  
  Moderators: Firas Mussa, Matthew Thompson, Michael Dake  
14.00 New physio pathogenic concepts of aortic dissection Joseph Lombardi
14.10 IRAD latest results and future trends Santi Trimarchi
14.20 When is the best timing for TEVAR in acute type B dissection Ian Loftus
14.30 Early predictors of late complications of acute type B dissection Jean-Marc Alsac
14.40 Can MRI predict aortic aneurysm formation after AD? Rachel Clough
14.50 False channel embolisation for type B dissection: how, results Hervé Rousseau
15.00 Discussion and votes  
15.30 Cordis Symposia  
16.40 CONTROVERSY: Horizontal arch pathology  
  Moderators: Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Jan Brunkwall, Heinz Jakob, Hermann Renner  
16.40 F and B grafts in the arch are the best option Stéphan Haulon
16.50 Parallel grafts in the arch are the best option Armando Lobato
17.00 Discussion and votes  
17.10 Distal arch pathology  
17.10 How to manage the LSA: when to revascularize, when not? Matthew Thompson
17.20 Laser in situ fenestration makes it easy Jean Panneton
17.30 Finally: when endo, when open? Piergiorgio Cao
17.40 Ascending aorta  
17.40 CONTROVERSY: Arch and descending aorta  
17.40 Elephant trunk technique: still a valid treatment Michael Jacobs
17.50 Frozen elephant trunk makes the old technique obsolete Fadi Farhat
18.00 Unusual thoracic lesions. New concepts. When and how to treat them Jan Brunkwall
18.10 TEVAR for embolizing lesions of the aorta. How to treat them Michel Makaroun
18.20 The disease in progress: how durable are those techniques?  
18.20 Why a proper planning is essential for long term success and how durable are the chosen solutions? Tara Mastracci
18.30 Fenestrated grafts: any concerns with the bridge stents durability? Stéphan Haulon
18.40 A new promising and durable system for TAA Jean-Pierre Becquemin
18.50 Why the preservation of the internal iliac arteries is essential Fabio Verzini
19.00 Discussion and votes  

Friday January 23, morning

08.00 Infection in vascular surgery
  Moderators: Eric Allaire, Michel Makaroun, Frank Veith  
08.00 Vascular infection: current spectrum and new challenges Sarah Jolivet
08.10 EVAR and infection  
08.10 Infected EVAR: clinical features and outcomes Xavier Chaufour
08.20 Infected EVAR: what about the « laisser faire » option? Christos Liapis
08.30 Can we decently treat mycotic aneurysms with a stent graft? Martin Malina
08.40 Infected f EVAR and TEVAR: my options Piotr Kasprzak
08.50 Aorto bronchial and oesophageal fistula after TEVAR Ludovic Canaud
09.00 EndoVAC therapy for vascular infection Martin Björck
09.10 Aortic infection  
09.10 Superficial femoral vein to replace aortic infection Ramesh Tripathi
09.50 CONTROVERSY: The newest polyester grafts  
09.50 They Offer The Best Current Option Elixène Jean-Baptiste
10.00 Forget it: cryopreserved allografts are the safest way Laurent Chiche
10.10 Discussion and votes  
10.50 Crazy guys or pioneers?  
  Moderators: Piergiorgio Cao, Stéphan Haulon, Martin Malina, Nicola Mangialardi  
10.50 Fenestrated graft for chronic dissection? Hermann Renner
11.00 Incredible tricks to close the reentry tears in CD Tilo Kölbel
11.10 Visceral artery repair in open TAAA:
why and how I use the hybrid grafts
Roberto Chiesa
11.20 Which patient should be denied f, b grafts and else and why Gustavo Oderich
11.30 How to prevent SCI in TAAA endo repair Krassi Ivancev
11.40 Multilayer stent graft: news from France and the rest of the world Claude Vaislic
12.00 Medtronic Symposia  

Friday January 23, afternoon

14.00 Progress in EVAR treatment  
  Moderators: Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Christos Liapis, Ross Milner  
14.10 Closure devices: which are the best? Ian Loftus
14.20 CONTROVERSY: Access and neck issues. « Paving and cracking »  
14.20 This is not necessary anymore: we have low profile grafts Sonia Ronchey
14.30 We still need this technique Antoine Millon
14.40 Infrarenal vs. suprarenal: controversy continues Simon Rinckenbach
14.50 Short or no neck: my tricks to do a chimney, how does it work Mario Lachat
15.00 Reducing complications after EVAR  
15.00 How to prevent renal injury after EVAR Hiroshi Banno
15.10 Does flexible stent grafts increase the risk of limb occlusion? Elsa Faure
16.00 Moderators: Joachim Barbosa, Marc Bosiers, Pascal Desgranges  
16.00 Are new generation devices really better than the previous ones? Marc Van Sambeek
16.10 Type 2 endoleaks  
16.10 Intra op embolisation. How I do it, what are the results Dominique Fabre
16.20 Surgical ligation. How I do it, what are the results Christos Liapis
17.00 Anchor to prevent or fix type I endoleaks Jean-Paul de Vries
17.10 Contrast Enhanced US eliminates CT surveillance after EVAR Henrik Sillesen
17.20 Carotid remaining questions  
17.20 Should we stop investigating asymptomatic carotid stenosis? Frank Veith
17.40 Asymptomatic carotid stenosis: do we have new data? Alison Halliday
17.50 Should we operate a <70% symptomatic carotid stenosis? Alun Davies
18.00 Can we operate a carotid stenosis based on duplex scanning only? Stravos Kakkos
18.10 Cases from Henri Mondor Hospital discussed by world experts
Experts: Piergiorgio Cao, Michel Makaroun, Martin Malina, Matthew Thompson, Frank Veith
Jean-Pierre Becquemin
18.40 Honorary guest lecture. The vascular surgeon of tomorrow: good bye the old good time Guy Vallancien

Saturday January 24, morning

08.00 CONTROVERSY. Imaging: do we really need these costly machines?  
  Moderators: Rachel Clough, Roger Greenhalgh, Martin Malina, Willem Wisselink  
08.00 3D navigation: you don’t drive a old pick up as you do with a F1 Hicham Kobeiter
08.10 I feel at home with my old or not so old C arm Jean-Noël Albertini
08.20 Discussion  
08.30 Behcet disease: a nightmare for the vascular surgeon? Younes Bensaid
08.40 Inflammatory response to major vascular operations: what you must know to prevent disasters Larry Hollier
08.50 CONTROVERSY: Ruptured aneurysms  
08.50 No advantage for EVAR! Except? Janet Powell
09.00 Do EVAR or die! Mario Lachat
09.10 Discussion and votes  
09.15 Why the RCTs of EVAR vs OR for ruptured AAAs are misleading Frank Veith
09.20 Abbott Vascular Symposia  
10.20 Ethics: you said ethics?  
  Moderators: Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Roger Greenhalgh, Réda Hassen-Khodja  
10.20 Mortality rate in the newspaper: the fatal mistakes of the Brits Jan Loftus
10.30 CONTROVERSY: Conflicts of interest  
10.30 Conflicts of interest: how companies manipulate key opinion leaders Irene Frachon
10.40 Why the on-going initiative to separate physicians from industry is bad for patient care and society Frank Veith
10.50 Discussion and votes  
11.00 Boston Scientific Symposia  
11.30 Improve your peripheral techniques  
  Moderators: Eric Allaire, Marc Bosiers, Peter Schneider, Armando Mansilha  
11.30 Radial artery access for peripheral angioplasty Raphael Coscas
11.40 Devices and techniques in crossing total occlusion Ali Amin
11.50 Can we predict the reentry site in total occluded SFA Patrick Feugier
12.00 Popliteal artery lesions: atherectomy, stenting or bypass? Peter Schneider
12.10 The role of foot vessels in CLI Roberto Ferraresi
12.20 How to reopen the foot arteries? Eric Ducasse
12.30 Discussion  
12.40 Maquet Symposia  

Saturday January 24, afternoon

14.10 Endologix Symposia  
14.40 Lower limbs solved and unsolved questions  
  Moderators: Yann Gouëffic, Jean Marzelle, Firas Mussa  
14.40 Disposable radiation-absorbing surgical drapes results in significant dose reduction Marc Van Sambeek
14.50 Are drug eluting stents keeping their promises in long term? Michael Dake
15.00 In stent restenosis is a covered stent the correct answer? Marc Bosiers
15.10 SFA: critical appraisal of the endovasculr technology in the SFA Frank Vermassen
15.30 CONTROVERSY: DEB or DES in legs arteries  
15.30 DEB / DCB Yann Gouëffic
15.40 DES Koen Deloose
16.00 Lower limbs more issues  
  Moderators: Yves Alimi, Marc Bosiers, Frédéric Cochennec  
16.00 Is the use of collaterals for retrograde recanalisation feasible? Jos Van den Berg
16.10 What are the consequences of failed endo in CLI? Ross Milner
16.20 Tips and tricks for managing recurrent bypass graft thrombosis Firas Mussa
16.30 Heparin Bonded PTFE Grafts: results in 1.000 patients Carlo Pratesi
16.40 Totally occluded popliteal aneurysms: the covered stent miracle Pierfrancesco Veroux
17.00 CONTROVERSY: Which stent for the aorta?  
17.00 Aortic stenting: why a self expanding stent is better Thierry Reix
17.10 Aortic stenting: why a covered stent is better Piotr Ciostek
17.20 Discussion  
17.30 Will robots invade our world?  
17.30 Endovascular robotic to cross iliac and SFA occlusion Nabil Chakfé
17.40 CONTROVERSY: Articulated robot for aortic disease  
17.40 A failed experiment Willhem Wisselink
17.50 A bright future Fabien Thaveau
18.00 Discussion and votes  
18.10 Best ePosters prizes awarding and ajournment Jean-Pierre Becquemin


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