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History of EgSC

The Egyptian Society of Cardiology is one of the oldest scientific societies in Egypt. Its' activities started in the early 50s as the first scientific branch of the Egyptian Medical Society in the Egyptian Medical Syndicate. It was announced as an independent NGO in 1975, but kept working from the Egyptian Medical Syndicate for almost 18 more years till the main office was transferred to the present building.

Our Mission

The Egyptian Society of Cardiology aims to raise the level of scientific research, efficiency and knowledge of its members through various activities. It also aims to prevent and fight the different cardiovascular diseases in our community and raise the public awareness of the burden of such diseases.

What we Do

The Egyptian Society of Cardiology provides many activities for its members, most notably is the scientific and cultural activities. Those activities includes workshops, international conferences organization, foreign missions to international conferences and publishing research papers for its members. These activities enrich the knowledge and the exchange of experiences for all members.


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