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Board 2016-2018
President: Prof. Sameh Shaheen, MD, FESC
Vice President: Prof. Gamela Nasr, MD
General Secretary: Prof. Magdy Abdel Hamid, MD
Treasurer: Prof. M Khaled Shokry, MD
Past President: Prof. Adel El Etriby
Board Members 
Prof. Ahmed Magdy, MD
Prof. Ahmed Yahya Hegab, MD
Prof.Amr El-Hadidy, MD
Prof. Hamza Kabil, MD
Prof. Hosam Hassan, MD
Prof. Islam Shawky, MD
Prof. Maiy Hamdy El-Sayed, MD
Prof. Mohamed Zaki, MD
Prof. Sherif El-Tobgy, MD
Prof. Soliman Gharib, MD
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