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The European Medical Journal (EMJ) is an open-access, medical eJournal that provides peer-reviewed resources to thousands of medical professionals in Europe. Founded in 2012, as an imprint of the European Medical Group (EMG), all publications feature editorials from key opinion leaders, a scientific papers covering a wide range of therapeutic areas, and concise news coverage from congresses within the industry.

Protecting the Heart in Cancer Patients: The Role of Cardio-Oncology

A thought-provoking paper from Ronald J. Krone, discussing the role cardio-oncology has in protecting the heart in cancer patients

Bioresorbable Coronary Scaffolds: Current State of Evidence

This review article describes the advances in this rapidly evolving technology, present the evidence from the pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of these devices, and provides an overview of the ongoing clinical trials

Pathophysiology of Ischaemic Mitral Valve Prolapse

A Review of the Evidence and Implications for Surgical Treatment

Positive Vessel Remodelling

Authors: Franz X. Kleber, Antonia Schulz and Philine Köln

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