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Chronic total occlusions continue to be one of the most challenging PCI subsets faced by interventional cardiologists. However, with proper training, modern techniques and progressively improving tools, success rates of 90% and above are quite achievable. Furthermore, CTO operators acquire a number advanced skillsets which enable them to manage non-CTO PCI challenges more effectively across a broad spectrum of complex clinical and anatomical presentations. With this in mind, and with the growing global interest in CTO PCI, we are delighted to bring you ML CTO to the Middle East for the first time.
ML CTO has established itself as a unique platform for passionate CTO operators from all over the world to share their experience and learn from each other in an open and friendly environment. MLCTO Middle East will follow the same format where didactic lectures, practical case-based presentations, and simultaneous live cases from Middle East and Europe are enhancing the learning experience for all attendees, respecting their level of expertise from basics to advanced.
Topics covered will span the entire CTO PCI spectrum – from basic principles to advanced and innovative techniques – as well as a dedicated session for prevention and management of complications.
The program is structured over two days, with step-by-step approach alike, advanced techniques and more challenging cases being presented on the second day for intermediate level.
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