Greetings for 2018!

A new year has started…

We are grateful to our members for your participation to all live sessions, your activity on our social media channels and your continued enthusiasm and interest for this website… You’ve watched more than 88.600 videos during 2017!
A warm welcome also to our 3.350 new incathlab members who joined our community this year, you are more than 21.050 people now !
A big thank you to our International Experts, without them, without their exemplary commitment and support to this project, nothing would have been possible. Their great experience in their proper specialities has granted a relevant scientific and educational dimension to our content, giving you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and have access to an exceptional expertise.
Keep in touch with them through their incathlab private mailboxs or through the discussion groups, where you could directly share your experiences! Whatever question you have, they will be glad to give you their feedbacks & share their knowledge.
Obviously, we are also grateful to our sponsors & partners (Industries, Scientific Societies, Events and Media) who have contributed to ensuring our success. We’re fortunate to have partners who are invested in growing and bringing together our incathlab community. With that in mind, we want to give our thanks to the 38 Industries, 12 Scientific Societies, 19 Events and 6 Media who make incathlab possible!
Without forgetting the 76 medical institutions (and their teams!) that support and collaborate in every webinar, live streaming, workshop or international conference that incathlab organises.
In the coming months, you will certainly observe new features in our website! The incathlab team is improving the web design and its functionalities in order to enhance and facilitate your surfing and browsing on the platform.
But do not forget, YOU make our project comes true!
Wishing you the very best for 2018, may this new year bring you peace and prosperity.

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