Recanalization for limb salvage. Three occlusions: femoral, popliteal and posterior tibial arteries

Case of the month: December 2017

This 18 minutes didactic procedure concerns a 78 years old male with extremely severe peripheral artery disease: a Left limb amputation and a Right limb trophic ulcer. He presents Three right consecutive artery occlusions: Mid-SFA, Popliteal, proximal and distal posterior tibial.
This extremely complex case was treated using different technics according to the arterial segment: Sub intimal angioplasty and long stenting for SFA, Drug coated balloon for Popliteal, DES for proximal posterior tibial and coronary technics for plantar arteries.


Step-by-Step Procedure

  • Right Antegrade femoral access
  • Pre-procedure discussion of strategy for a multilevel artery occlusion 
  • Guide wire selection and  escalation for crossing
  • Support micro-catheter selection 
  • Pre-dilatation of more than 50cm with low profile long balloon
  • Technics to re--enter in  foot arteries 
  • DES for distal leg arteries
  • DCB for popliteal artery 
  • Self-expandable drug eluting stent for dissection and residual stenosis of SFA

Learning points

  • Selection and feasibility of antegrade femoral access 
  • Guide Wire and micro-catheter selection for multilevel crossing
  • Balloon angioplasty with low profile long balloons 
  • Technics to re-enter in plantar artery
  • Use of DCB (Drug Coated Balloon) for popliteal artery 
  • Use of balloon DES in tibial artery 
  • Self -expandable DES at the femoral level 



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