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Welcome to the European edition of 3D Echo 360® meeting in Padua, Italy!

3D Echo 360® is the world’s largest meeting exclusively devoted to 3D echocardiography

3D Echo 360® will be held in Padua, Italy, from September 21st to September 23rd, 2017.
The aim of 3D Echo 360® is to create an exciting international forum, in which clinicians, scientists and engineers can present their experience and discuss the latest technological advances, software solutions, as well as the newest evidence regarding research and clinical applications on 3D echocardiography. This year, the theme of 3D Echo 360° will be “Implementing 3D echocardiography to improve clinical practice”.
The meeting will start with the “Jos RCT Roelandt” Honorary Lecture by Prof J.A. Kisslo (Durham, US). 
To fulfill the different educational needs of the participants, the 3D Echo 360® meeting has been organized in two tracks:
  • The Basic Track - practical and case-based, in which experts will demonstrate how to use the different software packages available on the market to postprocess 3D echocardiography data sets in order to obtain new data and improve our understanding of the anatomy of cardiac structures and the pathophysiology of cardiac conditions. This track will be particularly useful for those who want to understand the added clinical value of 3D over conventional echocardiography in different clinical scenarios and/or are at the beginning of their experience with 3D echocardiography.
  • The Advanced Track - more scientific, research and clinically oriented, dedicated for those who practice and have experience in 3D echocardiography. They will have be the opportunity to see the latest technical and software advances of the technique, to learn and discuss with the masters how to effectively implement 3D echocardiography and overcome the challenges of its routine clinical use, to share with the other experts the tips and tricks on how to use 3D echocardiography to plan and monitor interventional procedures.
Additional educational opportunities that have been extremely successful in the past editions are the Anatomical Master Lessons, aimed to teach the cardiac anatomy using anatomic specimens in order to allow an easy understanding of 3D image interpretation, navigation and cropping, and the Hands-on Sessions organized by the Industry in dedicated lounges equipped with workstations where attendes will have the unique opportunity to be trained by experts to use the different software packages.
The latest researches in 3D echocardiography will be displayed in a poster format in order to allow interactive discussions with the faculty and colleagues.
The best clinical cases will compete for the 3 prizes and the author of the best case voted by the audience will be invited as faculty member at the 2019 European edition of the 3D Echo 360® meeting.
Last, but not the least, the 3D Echo 360® meeting is also a fantastic opportunity to meet the greatest experts and opinion leaders in 3D echocardiography, to exchange ideas and projects with other colleagues coming from all over the world who share the same clinical or scientific interest, and to see the latest 3D echocardiographic systems in the exhibition.
Padua (Padova, IT) is a charming and lively city in northern Italy, hosting one of the world’s oldest medical schools (started in 1222) in which Morgagni, Galilei, Vesalius, Harvey and many others taught.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Padua next September to share our experience, new ideas, impressions and passion for 3D echocardiography.
Luigi P. Badano
Sabino Iliceto
Roberto M. Lang
Denisa Muraru
Manu A.Vannan
Fin all the information at www.3decho360.com

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