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Moderator: Prof. K.-H. Kuck – Hamburg, Germany


Program of the session:

1st presentation : Clinical Impact of Contact Force on RF ablation Atrial Fibrilation: Dr Martin Martinek – Linz,  Austria

2nd presentation : Acute results of contact force in PV isolation: Dr Tom De Potter – Aalst, Belgium

3rd presentation : Using Contact force measurement to optimize ventricular mapping and ablation : Dr Roland Tilz – Hamburg, Germany

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This webinar is an educational event supported by Biosense Webster Europe and is intended for Healthcare Professionals in Europe Middle East Africa.


While every effort is made to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinions, or statements appear in this webinar, they wish to make it clear that material contained in the webinar represents independent evaluations and opinions of the authors and contributors. As a consequence, Biosense Webster Inc. organization accept no responsibility for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data or statements. Neither do they endorse the content, the value of contact force used or the use of any drug or device in a way that lies outside its current licensed application in any territory. This presentation may include demonstration of the use of surgical devices; it is not intended to be used as a surgical training guide. Other surgeons may employ different techniques. The steps demonstrated may not be the complete steps of the procedure. Individual surgeon preference and experience as well as patient needs may dictate variation in procedure steps. Before using any medical device, including those demonstrated or referenced in this presentation, review all relevant package inserts, with particular attention to the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions, and steps for use of the device.

All content of this presentation is owned by their authors and is protected by worldwide copyright laws. No modification or further reproduction of the content is permitted. The content may otherwise not be copied or used in any way.

Shooting date : 2013-02-19
Last update : 2021-06-08
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