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Dr. Tom Wong, Imperial College, London, UK


Dr. Mattias Duytschaever, Az Sint-Jan, Brugge, Belgium

Dr. Tom De Potter, Olv, Aalst, Belgium

Dr. Dhiraj Gupta, Heart and Chest Hopsital, Liverpool, UK


1 - Contiguity and Ablation Index in the CLOSE Protocol

Dr. Mattias Duytschaever

2 - Repeatable Workflow for the treatment of Paroxysmal AF

Dr. Tom De Potter

3- Impact of new Voltage Mapping module and new Contact Force Catheter on Ablation Strategy    

Dr. Dhiraj Gupta

Educational objectives

1.    Understand recent experience with ablation index in RF ablation of AF
2.    Learn about the repeatability and predictability of a workflow using Fluoro integration, Contact force technology and ablation tracking technology
3.    Understand how a new voltage mapping module impacts ablation strategy for the treatment of AF
4.    Learn about the early experience with a new porous tip catheter enabling reduced irrigation during AF ablation

Target audience

Electrophysiologists who are interested in RF Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

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This session is produced in collaboration with

This session is sponsored and organized by

Biosense Webster, A Division of Johnson & Johnson Medical N.V./S.A.


Shooting date : 2015-11-03
Last update : 2021-06-08
Tom Wong
London, United Kingdom
Dhiraj Gupta
Liverpool, United Kingdom
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