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eFirst Step is the first educational incathlab channel for vascular trainees! This French initiative intend to open a whole new perspective on surgical training for young vascular surgeons. 
Through a wide array of pathologies, we aim to help each trainee to acquire good habits and automatic reflexes to their daily practice. In this era of the rightly established dogma “Never first time on the patient”, we strongly believe that innovative educational supports (such as web lectures, live surgeries and educational video in general) will be key to help residents and fellows to train themselves, gradually and autonomously, in addition to their indispensable operating room’s practice. Brief recap before a challenging procedure, after a frustrating day at work or just to relax on your couch on a rainy afternoon, eFirst Steps will be there whenever you’d like as many times as you’d like!
Thanks to the precursor incathlab and our partner Abbott, the SICCV has been able to make that first step come true! 
We chose to dedicate this first series to endovascular procedures from basics to in-depth knowledge that residents and fellows should acquire among their curriculum. 
Designed by residents for residents and fellows, we have the amazing opportunity to interview senior vascular surgeons, expert in their field, to answer our specific concern. All the basic questions you were afraid to ask, personalized advices, tips and tricks… You’ll find it all here! 
So stay tuned and let your eFirst Step journey begin, 
#Watch #Learn #Share,
The SICCV team 



Preclosure suture technique in PEVAR

Standard access for EVAR in many centers is done via bilateral open surgical cutdown of the common femoral artery in the groin. Although a minor surgical procedure, this cutdown is inherently assoc...


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