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Chapters (11)
Shooting date : 2017-06-01
Last update : 2017-10-20
Language(s) : English

Thursday June 1

14.00 How to manage stroke today

Animator: Laurent Chiche
Moderators: Armando Mansilha, Isabelle Van Herzeele
14.00 Timing of carotid interventions, Julian Scott
14.15 Impact of imaging to select the appropriate carotid treatment, Andrea Stella
14.30 Correct stent selection in symptomatic carotid artery disease, Koen Deloose
14.45 TCAR with C-guard, the perfect protection of the brain - are there any limitations?, Piotr Musialek
15.15 Two video cases, Max Amor

16.05 Venous diseases and therapies: a new frontier

Animator: Armando Mansilha
Moderators: Laurent Casbas, Elixène Jean-Baptiste
16.05 Superficial insufficiency
- Indications, tips and tricks with clinical cases, Philippe Nicolini
- Warning and complications prevention: examples, Thomas Proebstle
16.50 Pelvic venous insufficiency
- Indications, tips and tricks, Laurent Casbas
- My best practice / Warning and complications prevention, Olivier Hartung
17.35 Deep vein thrombosis
- Indications, best practice, tips and tricks, Marzia Lugli
- My best and my worst example: lessons to keep in mind, Steven Black
- My best and my worst example: lessons to keep in mind, Jean-Marc Pernes


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