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Chapters (11)
Shooting date : 2017-06-01
Last update : 2017-10-20
Language(s) : English

Thursday June 1

08.30 BTK treatment: when to do what and how... the answers

Thursday June 1

08.30 BTK treatment: when to do what and how... the answers

Animator: Koen Deloose
Moderators: Yvonne Bausback, Roberto Ferraresi, Yann Gouef c, Wouter Lansink, Francesco Liistro, Martin Werner
08.30 A complex BTK case where I show you the only right access(es), Roberto Ferraresi
08.45 A challenging BTK case with the wire of my dreams, Yvonne Bausback
09.00 In this extra-ordinary BTK case, you have to do atherectomy!, Martin Werner
09.15 A perfect example BTK case to show you how ef cient DCB are working, Francesco Liistro
In my BTK case...
09.30 - Stents are the winners, Wouter Lansink
09.45 - Forget about angiosome theories, Yann Gouëffic

10.40 Pushing at the maximum the boundaries in endovascular AAA repair

Animator: Eric Ducasse, Eric Steinmetz
Moderators: Frederico Bastos Goncalves, Jorg de Bruijn, Mauro Gargiulo, Nilo Mosquera, Francesco Torella
10.40 EVAR outside IFU, Frederico Bastos Goncalves
11.25 Treatment of failed EVAR, Francesco Torella
11.40 FEVAR techniques, Mauro Gargiulo
11.55 How to improve your results in FEVAR, Nilo Mosquera, Barend Mees

12.15 Vessel closure : My daily practice with it


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