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Chapters (24)
Shooting date : 2016-01-21
Last update : 2016-02-01
Language(s) : English
Views : 86517

14.00 Flash news. The Latest of EVAR Technology
Chairmen Alan Dardik, Pascal Desgranges, Roger Greenhalgh, Willem Wisselink


14.00 Flash news. The Latest of EVAR Technology
Chairmen Alan Dardik, Pascal Desgranges, Roger Greenhalgh, Willem Wisselink

14.00 PTFe grafts, Marc Van Sambeek
14.10 Do low profile grafts compromise durability? Sonia Rochey
14.20 5 year results of a new generation device, Michel Makaroun
14.30 Latest flexible graft design and early results, Michel Bartoli
14.40 How do the French Engage study compared with international registry? Ludovic Canaud

15.00 Ruptured AAA

Duel. Is the debate about ruptured aneurysms treatment over?
15.00 Open surgery is as good as endo: lessons from IMPROVE trial, Janet Powell
15.10 Forget the knife: EVAR is a most valuable option in all ruptures, Frank Veith
15.20 Discussion
15.30 Local anesthesia for ruptured AAA. One key to improve survival? Jan Heyligers
15.40 Standard EVAR is not applicable in all rupture cases: my tricks to treat 100% rupture cases endo, Mario Lachat
15.50 Discussant, Claude Angel
15.55 Open repair for rupture: recent tricks which have improved the results, Adel Khayati
16.05 Discussion

16.40 How Can We Improve the Results of EVAR
Chairmen Eric Allaire, Clement Darling, Ian Loftus, Fabio Verzini

The dead space in AAA sac is the ultimate enemy
16.40 Concept and new graft design to overcome the issue, Fabien Koskas
16.50 EVAS: any doubt left after more than 300 procedures and the European register? Ian Loftus
17.00 Discussion

How to improve results and cost of EVAR
17.10 Preoperative use of an electronic simulator, Jean-Nöel Albertini
17.20 Hypnosis for endovascular interventions: an overview, Véronique Mercier
17.27 Hypnosis for EVAR: it works! Can you believe it? Asmaa Khaled
17.35 Fascia suture is cheaper than preclosing device but is it as safe? Thomas Larzon
17.45 Can endostappling improve the results of EVAR? Jean-Paul de Vries
17.55 Thrombus lining in an EVAR stent graft: is it harmful, should it be treated? Hence Verhagen
18.15 Why stopping the follow up put your patients at risk, Michel Bartoli
18.45 New tools for clinical research studies, Fabien Leclercq

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