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Chapters (22)
Shooting date : 2016-01-21
Last update : 2016-02-01
Language(s) : English
Views : 69569

Friday January 22

14.00 Aortic Occlusive Disease
Chairmen& experts :Martin Malina, Gustavo Oderich, Grzegorz Oszkinis, Giovanni ...

Friday January 22

14.00 Aortic Occlusive Disease
Chairmen& experts :Martin Malina, Gustavo Oderich, Grzegorz Oszkinis, Giovanni Torsello

Duel. Totally occluded aorta
14.00 Open surgery is the norm, Myke Wyatt
14.10 Open surgery is a major and unnecessary aggression, Martin Malina
14.20 Discussion
14.40 Landscape of error in aortic procedure, Colin Bicknell
14.50 Mistakes can have a heavy toll. What you must know to avoid defeat, Isabelle Lucas Baloup
15.00 Discussion
15.10 Cases selected by Jean-Pierre Becquemin for world experts opinion
15.40 Carotid - PART I
15.40 Not all stenosis are at risk of stroke. Which ones should not be missed? Stavros Kakkos

Duel. There is no need for a new trial comparing intervention and medical treatment for carotid stenosis
15.50 For the motion, Elixène Jean-Baptiste
16.00 Against the motion, Jean-Louis Mas
16.10 Discussion

16.50 Carotid - PART II
Chairmen Mohamed Bouayed, Hans-Henning Eckstein, Michel Makaroun, Ross Naylor

16.50 ACST 2: 2.000 patients randomized. What are the lessons? Alison Halliday
17.00 Is plaque morphology a predictor of neurological complication after CAS or CEA? Wesley Moore
17.10 Discussion
17.20 Honor guest lecture. The lost tribe, Ross Naylor
Some tricks to improve CAS results

17.30 The use of advanced imaging tools, Koen Deloose
17.40 The use of proximal protection and mesh covered stents, Peter Schneider
17.50 Can CAS improve cognitive function? Christos Liapis
18.00 Discussion

How to improve CEA
18.10 By using simple but often ignored rules, Carlo Pratesi
18.20 After acute stroke surgery is safer, Gustav Fraedrich
18.40 Discussion

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