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Shooting date : 2019-02-04
Last update : 2020-03-04
Language(s) : English
Patient data
  • 70 year-old female
  • Previous surgery : Aortic dissection in 2005 (supra coronary replacement with a tu...
Patient data
  • 70 year-old female
  • Previous surgery : Aortic dissection in 2005 (supra coronary replacement with a tube of 30mm)
  • NYHA III Dyspnea with 3 episodes of acute pulmonary oedema
  • TTE: LEF 60%, severe AI with cusp prolaps, LV dilatation and secondary MI grade II and TI grade II
  • Left heart cath: Normal
  • EuroSCORE I 20,6%; II 6,19%, high risk surgery
  • Heart TEAM: off- label TAVR followed by Mitraclip in a second step if needed
Description of procedure
  • Main arterial acces: Left commun carotid (the only non dissected artery)
  • Pigtail from the right arterial artery
  • Aortic surface 3,4cm² and perimeter 6,7cm
  • Corevalve Pro 26mm with deployement on rapid pacing and TEE guidance
Strategy & approach
  • Discussion in Heart Team and patient jugged at high risk for redo surgery. Endovascular treatment of aortic insufficiency
Devices used
  • Corevalve Pro 26mm
Medical therapy
  • Not applied in this case


  • Surgeons: Dr Fabre, Dr Hysi
  • Cardiologist: Dr Pécheux, Dr Hannebicque
  • Anesthesiologist: Dr Rebet
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  3. Caporali E, Pedrazzini G, Demertzis S, Ferrari E. Transcatheter aortic valve implantation for recurrent Valsalva sinus re-dissection and severe aortic regurgitation shortly after surgery for type-A aortic dissection. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg 2017;25:839–41.
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