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Shooting date : 2018-02-24
Last update : 2018-07-18
Language(s) : English

CASE 01:  TAVI ViV Procedure  -Dr.Oscar MENDIZ

This procedure concerns 77 years old female , she is heavy smoker with HBP COPD and depression,
she had undergone a SAV 7 years ago with St.jude N:21 , she presents progressive dyspnea with bioprosthesis dysfunction.

Strategy Plan

Imaging studies

  • Echo: LVEF:65%, Bioprosthesis dysfunction  AVA:0.4cm² , Max Gradient:93mmhg, Mean Gradient:56mmhg, Vmax:4.8m/s.Pannus
  •  angiography: No obstructive CAD,  Aortic Area:0.8cm², Gradient: 43/32mmhg 

Clinical indication

  • Symptomatic   aortic stenosis with degenerated  bioprosthesis ( EUROSCOREII:3.5, EUROSCORE Log :22.7% STS Score:4.8%).
  • Heart Team decision: TAVI.

Planned Procedure

  • Transfemoral TAVI with Corevalve
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