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Chapters (2)
Shooting date : 2017-05-31
Last update : 2017-10-31
Language(s) : English
Male, 59 years old
Ex-smoker BMI 32

17/02/2017: N_STEMI
Long mid and distal RCA lesion
Subocclusive mid LAD lesion: uncertain viability
- RCA PCI with Synergy DES
- MRI showing total viability on the LAD
17/02/2017: N_STEMI.PCI RCA
21/04/2017: Staged PCI on the LAD
Everything seems to be fine… but…when looking carefully the first report, an ambigous ostial Left Main lesion is mentionned...
IVUS in the left main +/- PCI
IVUS in the 3 ½ months RCA stents and in the 1 month LAD stent


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