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Chapters (9)
Shooting date : 2019-01-18
Last update : 2019-05-16
Language(s) : English
This complete didactic procedure concerns a 41 yo male, with multiple Cardiovascular risk factors, presenting severe excertional angina secondary to ostial LAD chronic total occlusion.
The LAD CTO was successfully recanalized antegradly using IVUS guided-puncture Technique & Bifurcation Stenting LAD-D1 with DK-Crush Technique.

Educational objectives

  • How to manage diabetic patients with one vessel disease (Proximal LAD CTO): CABG vs PCI.
  • Step-by-Step setup & Access-guiding catheters choice.
  • Application of the Hybrid algorithm in CTO PCI procedures.
  • IVUS guided proximal  CAP puncture technique.
  • Tips & Tricks to gain support and safely advance microcatheters, balloons...in uncrossable lesions.
  • How to Stent bifurcations in CTO lesions.
  • How to perform double Stent Technique: DK-Crush.
  • How to prevent complications during every Step CTO PCI procedure.

Step-by-Step procedure

  • Dual Femoral Access : 8F introducer in Right CFA & 7F introducer in Left CFA.
  • JR 7F  guiding catheter for the RCA & 8F EBU3.0 for the Left main.
  • Proximal CAP engagment using Workhorse guidewire Sionblue (Asahi) then Fielder XT-A (Asahi) & Low profile microcatheter Caravel (Asahi).
  • Advancement of the Filder XT-R into the first diagonal.
  • Trapping the microcather with Trapping dedicated Device: Trapper (Boston Scientific).
  • Predilation toward the Diagonal with small balloon 1.5x20mm.
  • Exchange of the Fielder XT-A (Asahi) with a workhorse guidewire Sionblue (Asahi).
  • IVUS evaluation of the proximal CAP.
  • Echo-guided puncture using a Fielder XT-A Guidewire & Caravel microcatheter (Asahi).
  • Exchange Fielder XT-A guidewire to Gaia Second (Asahi) to cross the occlusion & angiographic control in two orthogonal views.
  • Anchoring balloon technique in the diagonal to advance the Caravel into the LAD.
  • After failing the Anchoring balloon technique, a dilatation of the proximal Cap using a small balloon 1.5x20mm was performed.
  • Exchange  to the microcatheter & Crossing into the true lumen using a workhorse guidewire Runthrough guidewire (Terumo).
  • Predilatation of the Diagonal & the LAD with  2.5x15mm.
  • Angiographic control.
  • Bifurcation two stents technique: LAD-1st Diagonal with DK-Crush Technique.


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