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Chapters (1)
Shooting date : 2016-06-30
Last update : 2017-01-20
Language(s) : English

Clinical data

Angor class III
FDR : Ex smoker/ HTA / DNID

Angio  03/2016 ; LAD Occlusion , CX occlusion, RCA occlusion
occlusion CABG AMIDt-Mg and GVS-RCA , LAD sténosis 90% after bypass

Echo :FE 50% posteriori hypokinésia
Scintigraphia : inferior réversible ischemia 25% LV

Diagnostic image



Description of lesion

JCTO score 2     
     Lesion = 25 mm
Intra stent
Collateral Left to right


Left radial - 5 F - AMI
Right radial  - 6 F - 3 DR

Description of the procedure

Antegrade approach with wire escalation
trapping balloon

Devices used

    Guidewire & microcatheter
Sion blue
Fielder XT
Gaia 2

Balloon Sapphire pro 2.5 / 20
Balloon Sapphire pro 2.0 / 20
Hyrio NC 3.0 / 20

Biomatrix 3.0 / 36
Biomatrix 3.5 / 24
Biomatrix 2.5 / 33


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    Excellent demonstration of  antegrade wire e strategy especially selection of wires.

    Can you briefly mention about  techniacal aspects of progress and gaiai family of wires .

    And brief discussion on Heartrail  visavis other catheters  like guideliner guidezilla especially technical aspects 


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