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What is TAVR?
TAVR stands for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, an advanced treatment to replace heart valve is an evidence-based alternative to conventional surgical open heart surgery. It allows quick recovery with minimal hospitalisation and quick return to normal quality of life
What is TAVR World Tour?
The TAVR World Tour is an international event where twenty leading TAVR centres across the world will participate in a one hour live transmission which will be recorded. During this one hour period, experienced and high volume TAVR operators from across those centres will perform a trans-femoral TAVR on indicated patients thereby offering aortic valve replacement without open heart surgery for 20 patients from different parts of the world simultaneously. As a result, we hope to have 20 successful TAVR procedures performed across the world at the same time, creating a historical world event in the field of transcatheter valve therapies.
Why is TAVR World Tour organised/conducted?
The Covid pandemic has brought in fear and insecurity across the world. Among them are patients with heart valve diseases. As a result, many patients including many healthcare professionals have developed a sense of reluctance towards appropriate treatments for heart valve diseases because of the fear of contracting Covid. Whilst Covid is harmful, it is well known that heart disease is more harmful and has a mortality rate worse than Covid. The TAVR World Tour is a campaign to send a message of hope for patients who need heart valve treatments across the world and to reassure them that heart valve treatments are being performed safely and successfully across the world restoring better quality of life for many patients. It is also meant to send a solidarity message to healthcare professionals that we should continue to remain strong and deliver cutting edge treatments to deserving patients as we have done before in the safest possible way.
What is the date and time of the event?
The event will be held on World Heart Day, Tuesday the 29th of September 2020.
Who is organising the TAVR World Tour?
The TAVR World Tour was conceived and conceptualised by specialists at The Heart Valve Centre, India (www.theheartvalvecentre.com). The Heart Valve Centre is a centre of excellence run by HeartTeam India private limited which constitutes a group of heart specialists across India forming a virtual non-hospital based Heart Team. The TAVR World Tour is not conducted by any medical device or pharmaceutical company but an initiative by heart specialists campaigning for patients’ wellbeing by demonstrating world wide solidarity among heart specialists.
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