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December 3rd, 2020 - Milano, Italy

MVSIC is currently closely studying the global health situation related to COVID-19. Considering the restrictions, affecting a number of institutions and countries, we decided to program the MVSIC 2020 edition differently from our original idea.

This year’s edition will be reduced and only a small number of experts will meet in Milan, according to social distancing rules, while the whole congress will be spread to a worldwide audience of attendees through an on-line streaming and interactive platform (HYBRID EDITION).

As usual, live cases will be the core of the event along with plenty of discussions.


The acronym MVSIC – Milan Valve and Structural Interventions Course means creativity, experience, new techniques, new challenges and gather together heart surgery and interventional cardiology teams.

Like music this is comparable to a combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing and productive effect.

Aim of MVSIC is to show the latest and modern structural heart interventions and share with the audience the management of complications, find new solutions, tips and tricks.

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