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The 2VRT 2020 will be held on Ocotber 1 and 2 is Lisbon, together by the Cardiovascular Interven-tion Unit of the Santa Cruz Hospital, CHLO (UNICARV) and the Hemodynamics Unit of the Fernando da Fonseca Hospital, following the success achieved in more than one decade of edits. The permanent progress of knowledge in the  cardiovascular field makes it fundamental to constantly update all those who collaborate daily in the care of increasingly complex patients. The evolution in the area of coronary and structural intervention transformed Cardiology, requiring different strategies and the latest technological developments.

The 2VRT 2020 is fully focused on the open and informal discussion of all the colleagues and interventional cardiologists we work with and counts on the illustrious participation of several national and international references.

Thursday, the 1st, will be a very interactive and appreciated day, with a program of therapeutic  interventions taking place at UNICARV and transmitted via video to the floor 7 auditorium. Before the intervention, the clinical context will be presented, the complementary exams performed by the patients and the therapeutic strategy previously decided and that will be executed and transmitted via video to the amphitheater.

Friday, the 2nd, will be a meeting focusing on the debate on the hot topics of Intervention Cardiology, addressing topics such as resaerch and innovation.

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