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The Cardiovascular Intervention Unit of Hospital de Santa Cruz, CHLO (UNICARV), will hold its annual meeting 2VRT 2018, jointly with the Hemodynamics Unit of the Hospital Fernando da Fonseca, from May 10th to 11th 2018, in the amphitheater of HSC and in the auditorium of the Portuguese Communications Foundation.
With more than a decade of editions and the participation of several national and international experts, 2VRT 2018 is dedicated to all the colleagues and referrers we work with and the interventional cardiologists of other Hospital Units. This year the meeting counts the Garcia de Orta Hospita as a guest.
First day, Thursday 10th, will be dedicated to a practical meeting with a program of therapeutic interventions taking place at UNICARV and broadcasted in live to the 7th floor amphitheater. Before the intervention will be presented the clinical context, the complementary exams and the strategy therapy that will be implemented at UNICARV, and which will be also broadcasted to the amphitheater.

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