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Shooting date : 2017-06-30
Last update : 2017-07-18
Language(s) : English
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ML CTO 2017 : Speakers' interviews

 Thursday, June 29th, 2017   Session 1: CTO PCI BASICS  Christopher Buller, MD: "Why should we treat CTOs: impact on ischemia and LV funct...

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    Interview: Benjamin Faurie, MD

    How to improve Guide catheter support


    Interview: Colm Hanratty, MD

    Essential basic maneuvers for CTO PCI


    Interview: Khalid Tammam, MD

    Wire crosses septal channel but microcatheter doesn't follow: what to do?


    Interview: Kambis Mashayekhi, MD

    Retrograde approach: through epicardial collateral channels


    Interview: Jo Dens, MD

    The RECHARGE registry: what have we learned?


    Interview: Thomas Hovasse, MD

    Requirements for initiation of CTO PCI program: tools and set up

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